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Fenwick Liquid Titanium® Blanket
by Fenwick Liquid Titanium®

Fenwick Liquid Titanium® Blanket
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Fenwick Liquid Titanium® Blanket Fenwick Liquid Titanium® Blanket

Article description

Fenwick Equestrian's Liquid Titanium Therapeutic Blanket enables the body's natural ability to heal. Our lightweight breathable smart fabric emits far infrared rays which can accelerate healing, increase blood circulation, boost metabolism , improve the immune system and help regulate body temperature. Normal wear & tear to the soft fabric will not affect the technical quality of the product.

Our fabric is a Far Infrared (FIR) therapy Fenwick LT is based on the dispersion of titanium in water at the nano level by water-soluble metal technology. Liquid Titanium® is our brand name.

Our 2023 LT blankets have 2 easy open front closures for a more secure fit.

***Please note that this blanket is not a turnout blanket. Our blanket is for therapeutic purposes. It can be used underneath a proper turnout blanket.

Liquid Titanium increases blood circulation throughout the body to promote physiological health. This sheet can help maintain the horse's condition between acupuncture, chiropractic & massage treatments.

Features: Can be worn as a stable sheet or blanket liner with no adverse effects. Can be left on 24/7 with no warmup period Reduces lactic acid buildup Reduces aches, pains and joint stiffness and relieves muscle spasms Reduces pain associated with arthritis Can reduce inflammatory skin conditions Can reduce stress, which can reduce the chance of ulcers Induces alpha brain waves and stabilizes serotonin levels which can create a calming effect Breathable, moisture absorption & quick drying Anti-bacterial 4-way stretch allows for a comfortable fit 50+ UVA-UVB blocking properties Machine wash and dry

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