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Freejump Saddle Strap
by Freejump

Freejump Saddle Strap
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Freejump Saddle Strap Freejump Saddle Strap

Article description

New saddle strap (Y) : lighter, quieter, high performance textile. Saddle Strap (Y): The individual user is responsible for adjusting the length of the saddle straps and installing them on the saddle, as well as hooking the carabiner of the key-ball lanyard to the saddle every time he rides his horse. Too many riders attach their airbag to the saddle’s rings instead of attaching the airbag to the Y CORD supplied with the Y CORD attaches to the knives of the saddle, and allows the KEYBALL STRAP of the airbag being perfectly centered for an optimal airbag’s inflation. The saddle’s ring is absolutly not made to support the pressure of a fall !

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