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Hoof Cooling Overreach Boots
by Kieffer

Hoof Cooling Overreach Boots
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Hoof Cooling Overreach Boots Hoof Cooling Overreach Boots Hoof Cooling Overreach Boots

Article description

Kieffer’s Cooling Over-reach Boots – combining innovation with medical benefits

This new product may look like conventional boots – but is an intelligent product which helps to soothe horses suffering with inflammatory hoof diseases.

The boots have integrated cooling pads to help soothe heat within the hoof, caused by inflammatory disorders, for example laminitis. The boots can be used to help prevent these issues as well as for therapeutic purposes.

The boots help to cool and give relief, and are so easy to use – simply fit the boot as you would a normal over reach boot.

This innovative new design means that time-consuming methods and incovenient methods like water baths or cooling dressings are now a thing of the past.

Sizes S (Shetty), M (Pony), L and XL.

Kieffer’s Cooling Boot consists of soft Kiefferpren material, which is also used for our conventional Kieffer boots. A highlight of this product is that the inner surface of the boot is lined with Velcro for attaching the cooling pads which come with the boots.

Before use, simply place the cooling pads (suitable for sensitive skin and filled with cooling gel) into the freezer and attached to the boots when frozen. Put the boots on your horse as you would a normal set of boots - an enlarged closing flap enables easy adjustment to the individual horse’s hooves and guaranteeing a perfect fit.

Kieffer’s Cooling Boot comes as a set with one pair of boots and two pairs of cooling pads - also seperately available as accessory parts. The cooling pads enable stressless cooling for up to three hours, and need to be frozen again before being re-used.

If a continual cooling process is required, we recommend using 2 – 3 sets of pads in rotation.

Due to the targeted, permanent cooling on the affected tissue, Kieffer’s Cooling Boots positive and soothing effects helping the horse to regain his wellbeing and mobility.

Please note: The Kieffer Cooling Boot should not be used in the following instances: On open wounds and in combination with cooling gel under the bell boot.

Kieffer’s Cooling Boot has been tested by various veterinarians who have classified this product as being valueable for medical use. In addition to using the boot for laminitis treatment therapy, Kieffer’s Cooling Boot is suitable for the treatment of several other disorders resulting in increased hoof temperatures, and which can be helped by cooling effects, for example: Therapy of the hoof wall corium, Therapy of hoof abcesses, Therapy in case of increased impact due to sport activity - jumping, eventing, endurance and polo sensivity after shoeing or hoof treatment.

The set contains one pair of Kieffer’s Cooling Boots coloured in blue and made of smooth Kiefferpren lined with Velcro including two pairs of cooling pads, all packed in a handy bag.

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