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Airowear AirMesh Children
by Airowear

Airowear AirMesh Children
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Child 2 (Y2) short
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Airowear AirMesh Children Airowear AirMesh Children Airowear AirMesh Children Airowear AirMesh Children

Article description

The AirMesh is the most highly ventilated BETA 2018 Level 3 body protector in Airowear’s high performance line. With Ultraflex technology foam that moulds closer to the body than ever before, the Kids AirMesh is designed to provide the ultimate in comfort and safety for the junior rider. A sporty mesh covering with chevron style lines and black piping allows for enhanced airflow across the torso. The Kids AirMesh is available in black.

Wearing a T-Shirt please take the following measurements: A. Chest B. Waist: The circumference of the waist measured around the line of the navel. C. Waist to waist over the shoulder measurement: By draping the tape measure over the shoulder measure the distance from waist to waist. D. Back Length: Sitting in the saddle you use regularly, ask an assistant to measure from your C7 vertebrae (the bone which protrudes out at the base of your neck) down to where the seam of your breeches is touching the saddle. From this measurement deduct 5cm for general hacking or 7.5cm-10cm for jumping. NB. C7 is the vertebrae that protrudes most prominently out at the base of the neck.

Not everybody has a perfect shape - in case you are a little shorter or taller, a bit more or less than the standard - it is no problem to get the perfect body protector: In case you are not sure about the right size please do not hesitate to call us: 0049-8247-395630. We are pleased to help you.

Size Chest Waist Over shoulder short Over shoulder reg Over shoulder long Back short reg long extra long
Y2/3-6 yrs 54-60 55-60 51-57 56-62 61-69 34 37 40 44
Y3/6-9 yrs 59-66 59-66 58-64 63-71 67-75 37 40 44 47
Y4/9-12 yrs 65-72 62-69 60-66 65-73 70-78 40 44 47 50
Y5/12-15 yrs 71-78 66-74 65-75 72-80 77-85 44 47 50 53

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