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Hardy Chaps Paddock Boots
by Equilibrium

Hardy Chaps Paddock Boots
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Hardy Chaps Paddock Boots Hardy Chaps Paddock Boots Hardy Chaps Paddock Boots Hardy Chaps Paddock Boots Hardy Chaps Paddock Boots

Article description

Horse turnout boots designed to be tough! Made from 7mm water resistant and fast drying neoprene.

The Hardy Chaps:

Are ideal for boisterous, playful or accident-prone horses in the field. Offer maximum coverage, extending from below the knee/hock down to the coronet band Save precious time in the winter months with less cleaning Maintain healthy skin, providing a barrier from the winter elements Easy to wash and quick to dry

The 7mm neoprene, lined on the outside with a textured fabric and with polyester on the inside, is tough on the outside and comfortable on the inside protecting your horse from potential injury. The material is fast drying, so they are easy to wash mud off and dry for the following day. Why do the Hardy Chaps fit so far down the leg.

For maximum coverage and protection, the Hardy Chaps extend from below the knee/hock all the way down to the coronet band. This means the correct size is essential to ensure the entire lower leg is protected. Who are the Hardy Turnout Boots for?

These turnout boots are perfect for horse owners who would like to:

• Keep legs clean in the field • Protect their horses’ legs against mud and wet in the field • Help protect against leg injuries in the field • Save time in their winter routine • Keep their older horses’ legs and joints warmer in the winter months

Please note, these boots are not suitable for horses with a neoprene allergy. Please limit the time worn in warmer weather due to their thick material. Caring for the Hardy Chaps:

Machine washable at 30 degrees, and quick to dry means they are easy to care for. However, for day to day, giving them a quick wash off once your horse has come in is best practice if they are particularly muddy. While they do dry quickly, having a second set on standby can help if the weather is particularly bad, cold and wet!

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