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Magnetex Magnetfeld-Stallgamaschen
by Magnetex

Magnetex Magnetfeld-Stallgamaschen
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Article description

boots constructed from our Airtech neoprene soft cotton liners with bi-polar magnets sewn in to face the treatment areas treats tendon & fetlock areas at the same time and the added advantage of being able to apply a constant regulated pressure due to the design of the boot-wrap improve circulation flush away toxins reduce inflammation reduce pain enhance healing thought to help alleviate symptoms of arthritis and rheumatism use half an hour to one hour per day for the first week and gradually build up to a maximum of 4 hours per day for optimum treatment. Can be used for longer periods if so desired but we do recommend that boots are not left on longer than 12 hours treatments can be split magnet liners can be hand washed only in cool water with mild soap, rinse thoroughly and dry naturally

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