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Helite Airshell Prestige
by Helite

Helite Airshell Prestige
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Helite Airshell Prestige Helite Airshell Prestige

Article description

We present the new collection with the Airshell Prestige by Helite: a vest that is compatible with the Zip’in airbag and combines style and safety. Discretely, the Prestige ensures an optimal protection and a high comfort. Its elegant design matches easily with any outfit. Thanks to its stretchy material on the hips, the Airshell vest is made for any body shape and guarantees a great freedom of movement. The shape of our Helite airbag offers a full protection, absorbs impacts and stabilizes the whole upper body from head to tailbone. For an optimal pressure, the volume of gas varies between 17 and 27 liters depending on the size of your airbag. Fast inflation time for an efficient protection -> 0.1 sec. The Zip’in airbag is compatible with the Helite AirShell. It only takes a few seconds to combine the airbag with the outer. You have to choose the same size for your Zip’in airbag and your compatible outer. A saddle strap is delivered with each airbag. For safety reasons, more reliability and faster inflation it is important to correctly install and use the saddle attachment. No special tools or technical knowledge are required to install the strap on your saddle. Quick and easy replacement of the CO2 cartridge. The size of the cartridge is proportional to the size of the airbag. One cartridge is always included with your airbag. We recommend you to have an additional cartridge to be replaced quickly after an inflation. Helite airbags are mechanical to avoid unexpected airbag activation and changing batteries. It is a ready-to-use system that you can reactivate by yourself. Certification: CE CERTIFICATION - our airbags are certified by the external CE CERTIFICATION CRITT Sport, the French specialist for objectively testing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Full protection of the spinal column, the kidneys and hips. The trunk is compressed for a better resistance to extensions. Stabilization of the neck and the head. Thorax, lungs, pancreas, stomach and liver is protected. Gilet washable 30°C gentle cycle, no dryer, do not iron.

Size Child L Adult XS Adult S Adult M Adult L Adult XL Adult 2XL
Hight 145-160 150-165 155-170 160-175 165-180 165-185 165-190
Chest 65-80 75-85 80-90 85-95 90-100 95-110 100-115
Waist 55-70 60-75 70-80 75-90 80-95 85-100 95-115
Hips 65-85 75-95 80-100 85-105 90-110 95-120 100-130
Back 35-50 40-55 45-60 47-65 50-67 55-70 60-75
CO2 50cc 50cc 60cc 60cc 60cc 85cc 85cc

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