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Helite AirShell Softshell
by Helite

Helite AirShell Softshell
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Helite AirShell Softshell Helite AirShell Softshell Helite AirShell Softshell Helite AirShell Softshell Helite AirShell Softshell Helite AirShell Softshell Helite AirShell Softshell

Article description

The Gilet/Jacket Air Bag system unzips from it’s soft shell outer giving you the option to update your Air Jacket as new designs are out. The qualities of this fabric mean the gilet/jacket allows for outward inflation. The Soft Shell outer is a high quality jacket perfect for wearing out and about when the Air Bag is removed and is also washable at 30°C. All Helite Air Jackets have a multi-directional triggering system to ensure safe release of the rider in all situations. Protection is given to the full length of the back and chest as well as protection for the sides and back of the neck. This greatly reduces the risk of whiplash injuries and helps to prevent impact injuries. The Air Jacket is designed to be worn in conjunction with a body protector when competing, but the jacket can also be worn by itself. When not inflated the Air Jacket allows for full body movement. When inflated the jacket supports the spinal column to prevent over flexion of the spine. All Air Jackets will arrive ready to use, each one is supplied with a gas canister installed and a lanyard to connect the rider to the saddle. If you have not experienced the Air Jacket inflate, we advise to do a trial inflation before wearing it on a horse The lanyard is a fixed length with a clip to attach to the ring on the saddle straps. The saddle strap attaches to the stirrup bars on the saddle and is included with the Air Jacket. When used with a BETA approved Level 3 body protector the Air Jacket improves protection to the spine by up to 69%. It also provides approximately 45% more protection for the lower spine than a BETA level 3 body protector alone. The Air Jacket worn with or without a Body Protector, reduced the risk of rib fractures and underlying organ damage, by as much as 20%. The Helite Trigger system uses a screw in canister - this is a proven and safe system. The canister must be screwed in tightly, under no circumstances should screw thread be visible. If you intend to use a Body Protector in conjunction with the Blouson Air Jacket you will need to buy a larger size than you would normally.


Size Hight Chest Waist Hip Canister
Child L 145 - 160 cm 65 - 75 cm 55 - 70 cm 65 - 90 cm 50cc
XS 150 - 165 cm 70 - 80 cm 60 - 75 cm 70 - 95 cm 60cc
S 155 - 170 cm 75 - 86 cm 70 - 80 cm 75 - 100 cm 60cc
M 160 - 175 cm 85 - 97 cm 75 - 90 cm 85 - 110 cm 60cc
L 165 - 180 cm 93 - 105 cm 80 - 95 cm 95 - 120 cm 60cc
XL 165 - 185 cm 100 - 110 cm 85 - 100 cm 100 - 125 cm 60cc
2XL 165 - 190 cm 105 - 115 cm 95 - 110 cm 105 - 130 cm 100cc

Size XL and 2XL only available in black/grey!

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