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Racesafe Jockey Vest
by Racesafe

Racesafe Jockey Vest
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Racesafe Jockey Vest Racesafe Jockey Vest Racesafe Jockey Vest Racesafe Jockey Vest Racesafe Jockey Vest

Article description

The RS Jockey Vest is the body protector of choice for Jockeys. Designed to meet the demanding criteria of racing, the RS Jockey Vest delivers impressive levels of protection, lightness and comfort.

Racesafe are proud to offer Jockeys working in a high risk environment outstanding levels performance day in day out.

Produced using perforated foam strips, all individually hinged, which circulate air through the net fabric and around the garment. The RS Jockey Vest offers a non-restrictive & comfortable fit that weighs in from less than a pound. Available in breathable black mesh. Other colours may be available upon request.

To ensure a correct fit for comfort and safety, Body Protectors should be fitted by a trained stockist whenever possible. This sizing chart is to act solely as a guide to sizing. We would always recommend you try the Body Protector for size before purchasing.

There are 4 main measurements involved in fitting a Racesafe Body Protector.

A: Chest diameter (cm).

B: Waist diameter (cm).

C: Over shoulder length (cm). Measurement of waist to waist over the shoulder.

D: Finished back length (cm). Measurement of the body protector finished back.

All Racesafe Body Protectors are available in a comprehensive size range. The RS2010 offers a choice of back length to achieve the perfect fit. Racesafe also offer a made-to-measure service on certain products.

The RS Jockey Vest can be secured in the correct position via the option of crotch or padded leg straps. A crotch strap is included with each vest.


All measurements are in cm.

SMALL FLAT 68 - 78 58 - 68 75 - 85 51.5
FLAT 77 - 87 67 - 77 75 - 85 53.5
FLAT LONG 77 - 87 67 - 77 85 - 95 58
NATIONAL HUNT 84 - 93 74 - 83 85 - 95 58
NH LONG 84 - 93 74 - 93 95 - 105 62
POINT TO POINT 92 - 101 82 - 91 85 - 95 59.5
P-T-P LONG 92 - 101 82 - 91 95 - 105 62.5

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