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Helite Zip-In Airbag 1
by Helite

Helite Zip-In Airbag 1
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Helite Zip-In Airbag 1 Helite Zip-In Airbag 1 Helite Zip-In Airbag 1

Article description

CAUTION, you must not wear the Zip’in airbag alone.

It is obligatory that it is associated with a compatible exterior outer.

The Zip'in Airbag is made for all the equestrian riders who want to unite style and safety. The airbag is integrated within a few seconds in all compatible Zip'in outers and hence becomes invisible (Helite, Oscar & Gabrielle, Dada Sport).

Helite was the first company who developed this horse riding airbag system which offers a complete protection of the vital areas: neck, back, pelvis, sacrum thorax. The inflation time is ultra-fast (100 ms) to be optimally protected before ground impact.

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