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ANOVET® Cheval Gel
by mibitec

ANOVET® Cheval Gel
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Article description

ANOVET® CHEVAL GEL is a ready to use, gel-based application for the long-lasting disinfection and prevention against new and secondary infections.

Due to ANOVET® CHEVAL GEL’s excellent adhesion properties it retains its effectiveness over a long period of time. The affected area is sealed, healing is actively supported, and re-entry of microbial loads can be prevented.

ANOVET® CHEVAL GEL’s range of effectiveness encompasses bacteria (gram-positive & gram-negative; among others enterococcus & staphylococcus, enterobacteria & pseudomonas) including mycobacteria (among others bovine tuberculosis), fungi and spores (among others Aspergillus & Candida or Bacillus cereus spores) as well as Viruses (enveloped & non-enveloped viruses, and others, Herpes- and Parvovirus), independent from possible resistance.

ANOVET® CHEVAL GEL is therefore effective against any microbial load that is responsible for the development of bacterial or fungi related dermatosis, thrush, or mud fever (scratches).

The treatment with ANOVET® CHEVAL GEL is absolutely painless, occurs without side effects, and complies with the Anti-Doping-Statutes of the FEI and FN (ADMR). The healing is accelerated, itching decreased, and new or secondary infections are prevented.

ANOVET® CHEVAL GEL is free of alcohol, solvents, aldehyde, or dyes, perfumes, as well as preservatives, and decomposes after its application into its natural ingredients through electro-chemical activation.


Following the treatment with ANOVET® CHEVAL LIQUID, ANOVET® CHEVAL GEL is generously applied to the infected area to ensure the immediate and continuous disinfection and to prevent a new and secondary infection. To ensure best treatment, the application should be performed 2-3 times daily. 350ml.