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ANOVET® Cheval Liquid
by mibitec

ANOVET® Cheval Liquid
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Article description

ANOVET® CHEVAL LIQUID is a ready to use solution for rinsing, disinfecting wounds, and irritated areas on the horse.

ANOVET® CHEVAL LIQUID’s range of effectiveness encompasses bacteria (gram-positive & gram-negative; among others enterococcus & staphylococcus, enterobacteria & pseudomonas) including mycobacteria (among others bovine tuberculosis), fungi and spores (among others Aspergillus & Candida or Bacillus cereus spores) as well as Viruses (enveloped & non-enveloped viruses, and others, Herpes- and Parvovirus), independent from possible bacterial resistance.

ANOVET® CHEVAL LIQUID is therefore effective against any microbial load that is responsible for the development of bacterial or fungi related dermatosis, thrush, or mud fever (scratches).

The treatment with ANOVET® CHEVAL LIQUID is absolutely painless, occurs without any side effects, and complies with the Anti-Doping-Statutes of the FEI and FN (ADMR). The healing is accelerated, itching decreased, and new or secondary infections are prevented.

ANOVET® CHEVAL LIQUID is free of solvents, alcohol, aldehyde, or dyes, perfumes, as well as preservatives, and decomposes after its application into its natural ingredients through electro-chemical activation.


ANOVET® CHEVAL LIQUID is applied against common hoof ailments, specifically in case of thrush, mud fever (scratches), and eczemas, as well as wounds and irritated body areas. After carefully cleaning the affected area – especially the hooves –, spray the product generously to disinfect. Do not rinse with water. In case of thrush, directly apply on the frog. After completion, apply ANOVET® CHEVAL GEL to prevent new or secondary infections. To ensure best treatment, the application should be performed 2-3 times daily. 500ml.