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Premier Equine Air Trax Eventing Boots Hind
by Premier Equine

Premier Equine Air Trax Eventing Boots Hind
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Premier Equine Air Trax Eventing Boots Hind Premier Equine Air Trax Eventing Boots Hind

Article description

Air Trax Eventing Boots are an innovative new design featuring perforated microfiber leather and maximum shock protection. They can cope with high impact forces thanks to our P.E. polycarbonate strike guard system. Perforated microfiber leather makes the boots highly breathable, ensuring your horses legs don't over heat in action. Constructed inside with kevlar and 3D sports performance mesh these boots offer superior strength and protection for any event horse.

Front Boots: Shaped to mould around the fetlock without impeding the natural action of a horse galloping or jumping. Two strike guards are incorporated along the front of the boot which protect the leg from knocks on fences. Another strike guard runs down the back of the boot protecting the important tendons and ligaments from knocks and over reach injuries.

Hind Boots: Our high-cut design provides maximum coverage and protection from knocks and scrapes. A strike guard runs along the front of the boot protecting the leg from impact with fences.

Materials: Microfiber leather is stronger than real leather, stretches and moulds to the horse's leg and retains its original shape. It has the advantage of being lighter but offering greater protection and the good news is that it is fully machine washable and has excellent durability. Kevlar is a premium protective fabric with five times the strength of steel based on equal weight. A technical durable fabric capable of absorbing impact and preventing perforations.

Technically advanced four layer fabric system developed to protect, cool and provide comfort Perforated microfiber leather for 360° breathability Kevlar underlayer for greater shin protection 3D sports performance mesh layer Lightweight pique lining Shaped to contour the leg Will not impede the natural action of a horse galloping or jumping Light and flexible Will not retain water Maximum protection Secure fit Three P.E. polycarbonate strike guards in front boot (two at front of boot and one at back) P.E. polycarbonate strike guard in hind boot Sold in pairs

Care/Washing instructions… First remove hair & dried sweat with brush. Then ensure all fastenings are closed and machine wash at 30º using non-bio liquid. We recommend washing inside our 'Horse Boots Wash Bag'. Dry naturally away from direct heat sources

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