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Embroidery Logo PolyPads®
by PolyPads®

Embroidery Logo PolyPads®
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Embroidery Logo PolyPads® Embroidery Logo PolyPads® Embroidery Logo PolyPads®

Article description

STYLISH LOGO EMBROIDERY We can embroider the majority of our products for you. Logo embroidery makes excellent advertising for sponsors and associated companies. The advantage with PolyPads over others, is that we Embroider Before Manufacturing - so you don't see the embroidery backing!

SPACE: We suggest an 18x12cm stretch as this displays well on a PolyPad, but this size is not set in stone and can be adjusted as required. NB: Anything more than 20cm in width, may run beneath the saddle.

PLACEMENT: We embroider across the mounting or off-side corners on an angle or straight, the cost is the same.

NB: DIGITAL IMAGE REQUIRED: Please send your digitised image (embroidery file) either by post (Flash Pen or CD - returned with item) or email - if the file's not too big to send. If you do not have a digitised image, please see our Digitisation section and we will arrange this for you.